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1 flat tire= Swap out old worn chrome rear wheel for original 1948 black w/ cadmium spokes, and copper star cover(Thanks Myk!). Strip 1/4 inch thick powdercoat off old brass top clamp. Change out and thread brake-rod(thanks Darren!), tire swap,brake drum swap(chrome to black)and install clutch locknut( finally, idiot!). Ready to roll for May long weekend? Damn rights.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Van Halen

Before i ever got into punk,hardcore, or heard about hip-hop, or head banged to heavy metal, or thrash, ... there was Van Halen. Still one of my all time Fav's, I finally saw Diamond Dave and Eddie together on stage tonight for the first time, and it did not disappoint.
 Epic shit.
 The 1984 album and anything previous never get old.
  Fuck all ye Haters.


Monday, May 7, 2012


 Deadly Wassell Banana Melon Magnet (East Van)

Date: 2012-05-07, 10:24AM PDT
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Ok all you Chopsters; you traded the painters cap for a roc stryped 3/4, ya collected like a hundred keys to put on the belt loop, swapped the ol fixie for a super boss diamond tuft 4ft tall king/queen, been soaking the stubble with rogaine trying get those whispey face pubes to look like a beard...hell ya even risked life & limb befriending the Heathen boys to try and buy them twisty bars on the wall....but when you roll up to the latest Beardfighters biker bash the girls don't even notice they just keep brushing their hair and looking all peaceful. Fuck man, and you even spent four hundred bucks on a haircut and ball massage up at Beardmont..what's a beardo to do? It's clearly time to toss that frumpy sporty tank and get with it!
And if you know what's what (and you're clearly ahead of the curve, as you are, Chopster) you know the OG British Wassell Banana will make those space cadet Emily Carr hippy girls whip off those poofy white hippy shirts and smother you with gigantic hippy melons! Yaay! And when you pull into the next Facialpube MC biker bashola on your most excellent flaked, chromed kick-only Dicycle, they might have to change the music from Dave Matthews to George Thoroughgood! BBBBBad to the bone! With gigantic melons! Show em how it's done, trendsetter.

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