Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let 'em Breathe Vancouver pics

 I love swap meets, but bike shows aren't really my bag. Everything I dig is usually in the parking lot, and I'd rather spend my day riding.
 But the boys from Clark and Frances put on one helluva fun event that I'm glad I didn't miss, and was honoured to be a part of. Shows like this stoke the fires!
 This guy held the streets down outside.

 78 rpm? Paulie's dangerous even when he's not around!
face catcher 
 Coffin lift to the 2nd floor.
 Gus built Knuck

 No doubt
 Johnny's rad
 Super tiiiight, modern done right
 the Doctor's surgical instrument

 Mykroc Farkle magnet
 Good child/parent dialog starter...
 "Too bad it's a Honda"
 Tyler's style master
 Wicked BBQ! Thanks Williamson boys,Drew and the crew. Dean didn't do shit.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bike Show this Saturday March 9

Come on down to EastVan on Saturday and check out this custom bike shindig and buy me a beer! It's a cool venue, and some good people and bikes are gonna be there. And......
 The Blue Cobra has shed its skin, and on this day,will be released upon the masses. Hide the women.Shield your children's eyes! Be warned...