Monday, January 25, 2010

'50 Panhead winter redux

The BEFORE picture.......
This is the exhaust that came with the bike.It sounds awesome,but the front pipe is too low and scrapes on corners and speedbumps etc.

This is the Superior nos exhaust I bought online a few years ago.It fits like shit at the flanges,the front pipe is too short, and the rear pipe too high for a passenger etc.But the mufflers are kick-ass!!
I cut off the good flanges from the first exhaust and picked up 3 sections of used 1 3/4" pipes from Bent Bike.A night of cutting grinding and bending resulted in this new pipe that leaves room for passenger pegs,and has lots ground clearance.
I just need to make a muffler bracket and slightly lengthen the front pipe.Diggin the flow and clearance of the rear pipe.Good for jumpin curbs!