Thursday, July 8, 2010


Get ready for the Roadtrip...Seat mounted,tail light moved,tank mounted and plumbed with 1800's gas valve,Adjust pushrods,points,timing,re and re clutch plates,saddlebag,wire and fire,and take it for a test-rip.
Everything looks and runs good.The 4 leaf clover gas valve will bring me good luck I hope!
I pull her into the garage hot and drain the oil.I refill the "Greasy Mistress"with 60 weight; preparation for the scorching weather we're riding into.
Just as I finish putting in the last quart of oil, I notice a huge puddle,pooling under the bike.I quickly check all the fittings and obvious places for leaks, before I determine that it's pouring out from somewhere in the back of the cases. My heart sinks into my stomach, as the source of the leak must be something serious.I look up and notice that my dipstick is in the oil bucket, and my funnel is in the seatpost tube.
Too many of somethin , and I dumped the last quart of oil thru my seatpost and straight onto the concrete. Time for bed...

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