Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd

I fixed my broken headlight mount last night and rode my bike to work this morning. My all-day appointment cancelled at the last minute,and I decided that the chopper gods had spoken. The fall leaves and crisp air were calling my name.
First a roll through the country backroads to Gidget's work for leaf fires and perogies.

Then off to Dopey's new pad where we explore the yard and bubbling creek under the yellow canopy of leaves glowing in the trees above.

G and Mr.Excitement show up, ready to climb the twisty back roads,up the hill, past the dam, then down the damp, tree shrouded mountainside, through near frozen puddles, steep, brake fading descents with intersections at the bottom, back to the warm,radiating blacktop highway and into the to the greasy diner that is our prize for the smiling contest we just had...

The sun sets as we eat our food, and I feel like an ass for how many times we all fiddle with our phones like a pack of 14 year old girls...losers
We roll to the Metal-Viking's headquarters, oil check, and shutter-jam in the pagan paradise.

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