Monday, April 30, 2012

The 27th annual Tsawwassen vintage motorcycle swap turned out great. I sold more than I bought, for once. Here is some interesting crap I spotted in the parking lot.


  1. Woah, I’m sure scrap hunters enjoyed this gathering so much! Enthusiasts would surely enjoy bringing some of those old bikes into their former glory or, better yet, making customs out of them. Anyway, which parts were you able to get for good deals?

    Erik Lucien

  2. That Baby B train really caught my eye! I wonder who owns it now? Haha! For sale, eh? I hope he’ll be able to maintain its uniqueness and beauty!

    Claudio Mccarty

  3. Dude! Those are awesome bikes! I love every detail of that Honda! I think something like that will never get old and will always be attractive to many! And a 750 cc motorcycle is very convincing. It just has enough power for an awesome cross country experience!

    Hannah Parkin